turnaround-consultingManagement Business Consulting:

Our firm uses the same high level of confidentiality that is required of any financial service provider. We use the following process to evaluate the needs of potential clients. READ MORE>>




small-business-consulting-planningBusiness Planning:

Our firm is an advocate for independent business owners.  We believe and research reflects that a good business plan increases the probability of success in a business. READ MORE>>




Cash Budgeting:

MAP Momentum uses a simple cash flow worksheet that often combines business and personal income and expenses to budget a business start-up, to forecast a part-time business, and/or to manage debt. READ MORE>>




A Six-Week Business Plan Course:

Business Planning Class

Complete a Business Plan in 24 Hours over a six week period. Take time out for yourself – three hours each week for six weeks. A written plan is used as a business roadmap. Statistics show that written goals significantly increase the probability of success. This course is a must for small business owners and non-profit organizers. READ MORE>>